If we have Windows 8 we will already realize how booting is much faster than the past. However, we might want to disable any case the start of some software that we do not use to further speed up the procedure. For example, in the case of newly purchased computers, we may have preinstalled software that we may never use and start unnecessarily automatically.

To do so, we can use CCleaner, by following the article above, alternatively we can also use a tool in the equally valid system.

Window Repair

Let’s see how to do it:

  • We’re on the Desktop and right click on the toolbar below.
  • Select “Activity Manager”.
  • In the window that opens, click on “More details“.
  • We will now have a table in front, in the first card we can see the activities in progress, but we are now interested in the “Starting” tab (pictured below).
  • Let’s then go to “Startup”.
  • We will now have a list of all programs run automatically at startup.
  • By scrolling on the voices we can also see each of the magnitude of the impact it has, that is the resources it requires, divided into low, medium and high.
  • So let’s look at the software that does not interest us, click on it to highlight it and click on “Disable” below.
  • Always deactivate only the programs we know of course and of which we know the function, to avoid disabling important things.
  • Once finished, we also close the window.
  • At this point we can also run, if we want, a reboot of control.

As we see, the procedure is fast and complicated and will allow us to speed up Windows 8 further. If you have still any concern to improve the speed of window then feel free to contact @0557503724 UAE Technician in Dubai for window repair.