Just like with a notebook is synonymous with the Apple Macbook devices often the graphics chip broken. Often, other components are also defective, eg due to fluid damage or fall damage. We offer you a competent MacBook repair in our specialist workshop with years of experience with Logic-Board repairs on low level basis.

Depending on the defect, different approaches are necessary in order to permanently remedy the fault.



Your expert Apple Mac Book repair shop in Dubai

The offer refers to the following repairs of Apple MacBook’s:

Apple Macbook

Apple Macbook Pro Unibody (from 2008 – 2017) (13.3 “15.4” and 17 “)

Apple Macbook Air (from 2009 – 2017) (11.6 “13.3”)

Mac error diagnostics and Logic board Repairs

First of all, the Logic Board is completely tested and the fault is determined with a circuit diagram and special measuring instruments.

In the case of a defective graphics chip or chipset, the chip is exchanged for a new one (chip exchange) since this is the only permanent repair solution. We take distance from repairs (reheating) or reballing (re-soldering), since this only fixes the fault at short notice and this occurs again after a short time.

Other defects such as a water damage, defective graphics memory, defective charging electronics, kernel panic, can also be remedied cost-effectively and reliably.

We can also install a new hard disk, upgrade the memory, change the keyboard or change the display. If your OSX system is defective, we will carry out the new installation for you and can back up your data as part of a data recovery, so that you can continue working as usual.

Our Best services by UAE Technician for Apple MacBook Repair

Repairs of all Macbook generations

Logicboard Repair for fluid damage

Logicboard repair on chip-level basis (BGA, graphics chip)

Logicboard exchange (new or used)

Macbook Cleaning

Procurement of new batteries and power supplies

Upgrade: SSD hard drives, memory

Installation: from the Mac OSX operating system and applications

Exchange defective MacBook and IMac displays

Replacement of defective keyboards

MacSafe replacement

We repair these models:

Apple Macbook Repair

Apple Macbook Pro Repair

Apple Macbook Air Repair

iMac Repair

Mac Pro Repair

Apple Mac mini repairs