Water or liquid damage has happened quickly, usually just when you work on the laptop.


Do you know what you should do with water damage Laptop?

Water damage Laptop is the number 3 of the most common damage to a Laptop.

Very important thing to be done instantly after a liquid drown on your laptop

Immediately remove the battery and pull the mains plug!

Turn the laptop so that spilled liquid can drain

Do not turn on the laptop afterwards

For example, there may be a variety of damage to a laptop by a drop or a push. Water damage can, however, cause unpleasant damage that you do not notice, but in the long run. Thus, when there is a water damage Laptop it is important to act quickly. We provide a roadmap to save your Laptop recovery from the water damage.

Turn off your Laptop

Is your Laptop is still on? Then turn it off as soon as possible. When your laptop is turned on, short circuits can occur. At that time, damage may occur on the motherboard. Damage to the motherboard is irreversible and a laptop is then total loss. So do not turn on your laptop after you dry your laptop to see if it works. Short circuit means almost the end of your laptop. On the image next to it you can easily see what damage water causes on a motherboard.

Dry your laptop

Get to repair services with water damage laptop as soon as possible! With a water damage investigation, your laptop will be cleaned and tested for any defects. We always recommend carrying out a water damage check on water damage because moisture is removed from the device at the moment. At the time of issue, your device will be cleaned chemically. This means that the device is disassembled and all parts are cleaned. Thus, we are sure that all the moisture has been removed from the device. Then the device is re-mounted and tested for all functionalities. In some cases, the laptop is working again and no laptop repair is required. Replacement may prevent the device from operating. Go to a repair office UAE Technician to solve water damage laptop repair.

 Please do not try to dry your laptop with the hairdryer or place it on the heater. After a liquid damage, your laptop must be thoroughly cleaned and then checked. If you have followed our instructions, there is a good chance that your laptop has surrendered the water bath without any damage
If your laptop goes swimming with Tea or Coffee

Often a small carelessness is enough and it has already happened. Depending on the liquid (coffee, tea, water, sparkling wine, fruit, coke, apple juice, orange juice, beer, wine, champagne, etc.), thorough cleaning is required. Even if your laptop still seems to work after the water bath you should have it checked. Drying the laptop alone is not enough. Most fluids crystallize after drying and can therefore conduct electricity, which in turn leads to consequential damage. We can thoroughly clean your laptop after water damage and then perform a diagnosis to determine any damage. We can also provide you with a detailed estimate for your insurance for Laptop Repair.

Lightning damage, what now?

After a lightning strike or an over voltage, it can be assumed that the one or other component has been damaged on the mainboard of the laptop. We can carry out a specific diagnosis and determine which components are affected. Often, the affected component can be replaced and thus save your motherboard.

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