I’m not one that changes smart phones each year and I cannot afford high-end devices.

That’s why a year ago I was pointing to an LG G2 Mini after having had a bad experience with a Galaxy Nexus  (formatted 4 times a year due to continuous blocks). I still love this smartphone that is ideal for me, 4.7 inches, a battery that lasts a lot thanks to its 2440mAh, a great sound and a hefty reception besides allowing me to do virtually everything I need.

Only new is the storage shortage of the G2 mini that is equipped with only 8 GB, 4 of which are occupied by Android, and although it can be expanded with an SD card it is very easy to fully fill it. Here are some practical tips from my personal experience to speed up Android and save space , for example :

Move as many apps as possible on SD cards:  not all apps allow it, but where possible it is always preferable to allocate them to external storage to save space. The apps can be moved manually to one where the app itself has the option “Move to SD Card”. Alternatively, you can use AppMgr III , an ad hoc app to find all apps that can be moved to SD card and easily transfer them;

Do not use the Facebook app for Android : it is heavy in memory and is very heavy as busy space, about 300MB. The same argument needs to be made for Facebook Messenger that Zuckerber requires us to install if we want to send private messages to our friends on Facebook. The alternative is and Facebook Lite is a small version of the Facebook app created by Mark Zuckerberg’s company programmers to meet who, in developing countries, does not have top-of-the-range smartphones and can not consequently allocate too much space and memory to the standard Facebook app for Android. Unfortunately, you can not download Facebook Lite from Google Play but apk is easily downloadable online. In order to install it, you must enable “Unknown Sources” on your Android system, which is the option to install applications from sources other than Google Play;

Install Clean Master Lite (CM Lite), a reduced version (only 3MB) and much lighter in CleanMaster’s memory, a fundamental app for daily deleting unnecessary files that are produced by Android and the applications we use frequently. Every time I use I can clean about 100MB of useless files, as well as clean up RAM from apps that consume (unnecessarily) memory;

Always move the photos and videos you have made and the ones you send through WhatsApp from our friends on the SD card . All camera apps always have an option that lets you directly save photos and videos to SD cards instead of internal storage, just look for camera app settings we use. Very useful for moving photos and videos from internal storage to SD card is the QuickPic Gallery app ; Contact to UAE technician for Android Wearable Computer Repair any time.

If you do not have the option of installing an SD card to enhance the memory of your Android smartphone, you need to install apps such as Dropbox, Google Drive, Google Photos or Amazon Photos, which will save you files and photos directly into the cloud by deleting from time to time manually files on the internal storage of your phone;

Always ask if you really need to install an app , install it, have more space consumed and the phone slows down;

I am aware that enabling the root on Android can also delete apps preinstalled by Google or your smartphone manufacturer, but I personally have never experienced any performance gains from the root of the device, indeed on the LG G2 Mini in particular (and Galaxy Nexus to a lesser extent) I could experience an increase in battery consumption and a significant overheating.