I ordered  Asus ZenFone 2  for repair

In the case of ZenFone …… Or, I think that SIM lock free smartphone used on MVNO line is basically, but I will ask ASUS maker for repair. This is the same when you buy from MVNO such as Rakuten phone and DMM Mobile as well as when you purchase directly from ASUS online shop like me.

In trouble with ZenFone 2 of my author just bought last month, I put it out to the manufacturer for repair. When connecting to the USB port of the personal computer, it is a symptom that it repeats connection and disconnection at regular intervals, it is possible to transfer about 1 photograph, but if you try to transfer a large file such as FLAC file of high reso music data, It will definitely run out.

First of all, I would like to say it, but I am not going to blame for themselves that a problem has appeared. Since smartphones are also industrial products, even if we can ship normal products with a yield of 99.9%, one fails in 1000 units. No matter how low probability it is, there are people who draw “losing”. I think that this time it happened to be the author.

However, I had the impression that this “manufacturer’s support” could not be obtained for a moment. If it is PC support, it seems that it can be daunting as well, but I think that it will be necessary for the “kindness” of support you have taken one step further to repair your mobile.

Actually, at the same time, this was a mobile of a certain major career, but just as a child broke the mobile phone, this was taken to the shop of a career as a matter of course (even if it was not made to keep him waiting anyway at the shop ), This one is overwhelmingly kind. I think that you want a mobile phone maker that accepts direct repair to learn it.

Yes, before repairing, it is more convenient for makers who directly support manufacturers who support me by phone, live chat, email, rather than requesting repair after waiting for 1 to 2 hours by the writer to take it to the shop I thought that it must be.


In the case of ASUS repair which is the maker of ZenFone, it is the 2nd day after first notifying the symptom of the breakdown in the mail form and contacting the mail form first. I got a reply by haste when e-mail arrived, and two days until reply comes again. It will take quite a while until mail comes back. If it is this, it is still better to make time and go to the shop .


By the way, at the beginning, according to the advice of the support person, I will do the task of carving whether the problem is, for example, the main body, or whether it is in the cable, in this case, on the personal computer. Then, the support person makes a judgment, for example, in the case of the author, after judging that it is considered to be a malfunction of the terminal itself, after sending the terminal to the support center of the manufacturer by courier became.

It has been 6 days since I first contacted the mail form with a malfunction. In the case of my wrist, because of trouble only at the time of data transfer, although it did not hinder troubles such as calling, communication, using the application, but this can not be talked, can not communicate, etc., in the meantime, the mobile phone can not be used That will be the situation. As expected, I wonder what this is like.

Also, in the case of a major career, if you bring it to the shop for repair, you will lend an alternative machine during the repair period (Inside MVNO, lend an alternative machine like NifMo’s “security guarantee” There are also exceptions to give), basically when repairing the manufacturer of this hand, there is no alternative machine loaned during repair.

In my case, I have ZenFone 5 which I used before using this model, MADOSMA Q501 which I recently bought because I am lost, so there was no problem with this point, but for example MNP It will be inconvenient if you say that you have transferred or that the previous model was a feature phone or that you do not have a smartphone that can use docomo SIMs elsewhere.


In addition, when repairing, I will send a smartphone to the manufacturer’s support center by courier, but I will return from the manufacturer after sending it, when will I return it, something that is not in trouble is. I was able to confirm that I arrived at the service center by courier delivery tracking service, but in the case of my wrist, it took two weeks since I sent it, but I did not hear anything. Calling support with live chat, telling the serial number of the terminal, there was really no single e-mail until we heard what the repair situation is like, letting down the numbness.

By the way, the mobile phone of the child who sent for repair at the same time came back in about 10 days. I will not say that I will return so early, but I also feel that even if I can inform you at least Asus.